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If you are a bride who wants to stop guests in thief tracks with the WOW factor, then I highly recommend having a think about the use of extensions for your special day.

The benefits include:

Elevate your overall look – Especially for brides seeking a distinct and striking aesthetic. Extensions can dramatically transform your look and take your style from ‘meh’ to ‘HELL YEAH’. If you are looking for ‘show stopping’ then extensions are an absolute NO BRAINER!

Depth and definition – by introducing strands of various shades that seamlessly blend with your hair will allow for a nuanced interplay of colours that will make the hair appear to be multi dimensional in a way that hair of one colour or tone cannot! This is why so many of the show stopping bridal styles we see online are showcased on multi-tonal hair!

Longevity – Extensions play a pivotal role in making hairstyles LAST! The extra strands provide the structural foundation to help hair maintain its form and with the added volume and support the hair styles durability against elements like wind, humidity and most importantly DANCING is far superior than without!

hair extensions

Now where do I come in, I hear you say, Well..

at your trial should you wish you are invited to use the selection of extensions I hold at my home studio and, if you LOVE them and to use them on your special day then you can rent them from me!

Renting extensions offers practicality and flexibility. It allows you to access the use of high quality professional hair that will ensure you achieve the style you desire without long term commitment and of course at a fraction of the cost!

Interested in knowing more?

Reach out to Rose and let her know it is something you wish to discuss at your trial and she will talk you through it so you can make the right decision for you!

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